Thursday, December 9, 2010

A Truly Humbling Experience

Today I was blessed with a very humbling experience that I really needed, especially during this Christmas season.
I have some different projects that I am working on this Christmas season and in order to gather the necessary items for them, I had to venture to stores that I like never go to.
In fact, I can't even tell you the last time I've been to these stores. 
Well, as I entered the first one and looked around me, I begin to feel very out of place. 
As I looked around, I started to notice that all the people there were not very wealthy and were shopping at these stores because they couldn't afford anything else,
and here I was venturing into them because the things I needed were sold there at cheaper prices.
I am not very wealthy myself, but I could tell that I was better often than the other customers in the store.
However, as I watched them do their shopping (I highly enjoy people watching) my love for them began to grow tremendously.
Each person in the store seemed to have such a bright countenance about them.
I could tell that many of them were a little down for whatever reason, but every single person in each of the stores seemed to have a ray of hope radiating from them.
It just really caused me to think how truly blessed I am in my life. 
I have no room to complain about things in my life, and I realized that today. 
No matter what circumstance I am in, I can and should find a reason to be optimistic and be happy.
I am so thankful for that lesson today that I was able to be reminded of as I watched people during my shopping.
It really put a new perspective into my Christmas season and to my life in general.
When I got home, my cute new headband and favorite bag didn't seem all that exciting to me. 
I truly learned that it doesn't matter what you have, or what you look like, we all can and should be happy!
I hope we can all remember that this Christmas season!

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