Thursday, December 9, 2010

Hero For A Day!

Yesterday I had quite an interesting experience at work.
It seems like every day of my life has some excitement these days!
Anyway, without going into too much detail, I played a part in helping the police arrest a guy.
He was trying to cash a check and a lot of red flags came up on my screen, so I looked into it more and did not feel comfortable in cashing check. 
So I went to one of the supervisors and asked for her opinion.
Through a series of events, the police were called and walked through the door right as the man was trying to get away.
He was arrested in the middle of my work, and I almost cried because it was quite intense to watch.
Turns out he had cashed another one of these faulty checks yesterday and had charges against him for that.
In addition, he had charges against him for drugs and had a large bond against him.
After the police shared all that information with me, I felt good in knowing that I played a part in helping them, and all I had to do was do my job!
I was quite shaken up for the rest of the afternoon, as that is not the kind of excitement I look forward to in my day.
But, I am a glad I could have some heroic feeling for the day!

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