Sunday, October 31, 2010

Simply Sunday

Sunday is my favorite day of the week!
I love being able to have a day free from work and school and where I can rest from the cares of the world! 
I also love the opportunity I have to go to church and feel of the sweet Spirit! 
It is incredible to have that feeling all day long!
And it seems like some of the best experiences happen on Sundays! 
They are just wonderful!

Well today, I had a touching experience during sacrament, and it continued on later when I got home from church. 
But before I get into that some background is necessary. 
I absolutely love couples.
I love watching them, how they interact, and how they talk about each other. 
I just love them and that's probably why I love my major so much!
Older couples are my absolute favorite. 
When I see happy elderly couples, like this one, out and about I can't help but smile!
They are just so tender and melt my heart. 
Anyway, during sacrament today, I sat a few rows behind an older couple. 
They are the temple prep teachers in my singles branch, and I just love them.
Well during sacrament, I happened to notice them making comments to each other and just smiling and laughing together.
And I couldn't help but smile as I watched them together.
They have been married for years, but were acting like any of the other couples in my ward who are dating or engaged. 
So it was so cute to see that excitement in them still!
Of course the thought of, "I want to be a cute old couple." crossed my mind.
Luckily, it was followed by a talk on patience and a great reminder that "Someday" will come soon enough!

Well after church I decided to listen to a talk that one of my friends had sent me earlier this week, and I haven't had time to listen to. 
It was from the Young women's broadcast in April, by Sister Dalton, called, "Remember Who You Are."
It was an altogether great talk, but there was one part I really like, and relates to my experience during sacrament. 
Sister Dalton shares a story about when she had the opportunity to meet President McKay and his wife in their home.
She said after to talk to each of the young women, he grabbed his wife's hand and said, "Now young women, I want you to meet my queen."
I just loved hearing that sweet story.

It got me to really think about when I am married someday.
I want to a husband who views me as a queen, but I also have to be doing the things needed to be a queen.
I'm not talking about living in a fancy castle, or wearing a crown.
Rather being an Eternal Queen, and doing the things, like studying and applying the gospel constantly, to make shape me into that queen!
I don't know when I will get married, but I do know that now is the time I can start doing the things necessary so I can have a husband that will call me "his queen" when we are old and gray!

I love these simple experiences that bring such great joy and help shape my life!
I love Sundays! 

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