Sunday, October 31, 2010

Day 7!

Favorite Super Hero and Why:

This one is a toughy for me.
I have never really had a absolute favorite comic book super hero.
I mean I liked the classics: Superman, Batman, etc., but never to the point of having a "favorite." 
So for this post, I am going to go out on a limb a little bit.

I will be so bold to say that this man, President Monson, is my favorite super hero!

I know you are probably thinking "How is a he a super hero?"
He doesn't have any abnormal powers, like flying.
But my love and admiration grew for him this last conference more than ever before. 
During the Relief Society broadcast, I bawled as he talked about the widows he loved and visited. 
This is a story, I have heard many times, but for some reason it just clicked this past conference. 
It made me realize that he is truly a super hero in a unique way, and that way is through love and service.
He saves lives through visiting and caring, and by being obedient to Heavenly Father. 
And that, my friends, makes him a wonderful hero!
I love and honor President Thomas S. Monson! 

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