Thursday, October 28, 2010

Day 3!

A Picture of You and Your Friends:

I'm not so good at taking pictures when I am out with friends. 
I also don't have a good picture that captures me with a good group of friends. 
So here are just a few pictures with different friends from the last few months.
Compliments of Facebook.

Allie and I at Brad Paisley!

Laura and I at Bahama Bucks!

Mari and I after Zumba! 

Relief Society Activity! I love these girls!

Some friends from the ward at the Science Center!

There are a few pictures with a few of my friends!
I am thankful for good friends and the blessing they are in my life! 


  1. I LOVE this game! I know you got it from Mari, but I am thinking I want to play too. Do you have a list of what each day is, or do you just look at Mari's blog each day to find out what you are supposed to do that day?? Do share!

  2. Mari sent me the list! I can send it to you too! It is so fun!