Sunday, September 26, 2010

Life's What You Make It!

Sundays are definitely the best day of the week!
I love going to church and the messages that are shared there!
I also go to the best singles' branch ever, so that helps too!
One of the messages that was shared during sacrament is that we can have happiness NOW! We don't have to wait. It doesn't matter our circumstance, we can find look to the positive and be happiness!
We have the choice to be bitter and mopey during hard times, or we can look for the positive and be happy!
That is something that really hit me! 
We ultimately have the choice to be happy!
It kind of put a new perspective of different things in my life!
Also, I was thinking about this after church, I thought about this song! is very cheesy! 
However, it does have a very good message!
Life is what you make why not make it AMAZING?! 
It's all about attitude and perspective!

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