Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Working Out!

These past few months have been interesting when it comes to working out. I started running at the beginning of the year and loved it. However, I got sick about 3 months after started and then never picked it up again. So all summer long I told myself I would start back up again and start working out more. Of course, it never happened! 

Well, with a combination of stress, being sick, and being prescribed medicine that made me more sick, I lost about 10-15 pounds in the past few months! It is a wonderful thing and I feel good about myself; however, I didn't lose it in a healthy way so it's all going to come back if I am not careful. Also, it is a bit awkward when people ask about my weight loss....it's kind of awkward to tell them that I didn't lose it healthily. So I decided that has got to change!

Lo and behold, my mom bought this nifty program for our Wii to help motivate me more! I would love to go running again, but my time is strained and so I can either go early morning or late at night....which are not safe in my neighborhood. So I started this EA Active program on the Wii tonight. It is a lot better than any other Wii fitness programs I have tried. This one actually monitors your whole body motion and reprimands you when your whole body isn't doing the exercise right. It is also a structured workout program that keeps a balance of your muscles and works different things every day! 

I have to admit, the work out today wore me out, but I feel great at the same time! It feels good to feel my muscles working again! I am excited to work out and hopefully get my body in shape...the healthy way! It may be a challenge, but all I have to say is......



  1. You can always join Annette and I on our early morning runs.

  2. I decided tonight I am going to train for a 5k! I will start by doing a 2 mile race on Thanksgiving! That's a big stretch for me!