Sunday, September 19, 2010

Broken Things

As I was getting ready this morning, the words to this song, Broken by Kenneth Cope, came into my head. So I pulled it up on Youtube and found this wonderful video with the song and some parts from a general conference talk by Elder Holland.
I love the message of this song and talk. 
Sometimes I think we need to be "broken" so we can learn the things we need to. 
I think sometimes it is so easy to get caught up in everything that we lose sight of the things we need to learn. 
Then trials come along and "break"  us a little. 
What a great blessing they can be if we let them!
I often think of the quote "Trials make the heart grow stronger," 
and how true that is. 
I think this song portrays that message well too. 
The broken things, like the clouds and soil, bring blessings, such as rain and plants. 
The same can be true for us too if we want it to. 
When we are weak and broken, the Atonement helps us become strong and reap blessings. What an amazing blessing that is!
Here is another message by Elder Holland that I think goes along well with this song too. 
It is a reminder to never give up, good things will come! Sometimes we just have to endure for a while!

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