Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Stop and Stand Still

In my institute class today, we studied in Doctrine and Covenants sections 4 and 5.
Well, one of the verses we studied today has been on my mind a lot today.
It is verse 34 of section 5. It says:

"Yea, for this cause I have said: Stop and stand still
until I command thee, 
and I will provide means whereby thou mayest accomplish
the thing which I have commanded thee."

My teacher had us think of this verse and compare it to 1 Nephi 3:7, which commands us to Go and Do!

He had us think about why the Lord would tell us to "go and do," but also tell us to "stop and stand still." We didn't have time to go over that in class today, but it has been on my mind since I left class. 
I started of thinking about these concepts in regards to my life, and it really hit me how important it is to find a balance of these commandments in life. 
Often times in my life, I get in the "go, go, go" mode. 
I have days busy with work, days busy with school, homework to do, and of course church and church activities. 
While these things aren't bad, and they are things I need to do, it is so easy to get into the mindset of "What should I be doing?" every time I get free time. 
It really hit me today that some time to just sit and think or veg is so necessary in life. 
If we are constantly in the go mode, we never leave time to ponder or think about life. We just try to do all the time. 
I know I need to do better! 
Many I times when some thing doesn't work out, I immediately look for the next solution, instead of just slowing things down and just waiting!
So I decided today I would make a goal....and blog about it to make it more official! 
Here is my oath to do better:

I, Stephanie Allred, will spend at least 15 minutes a day just thinking and vegging. Not thinking about what I need to do, or should do, but just enjoy that time. 

I am grateful for the message of "stop and stand still." I definitely need it in my life, and I am looking forward to applying it!

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