Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Temple Week!

On Sunday I had the amazing opportunity to participate in the Gila Valley Temple Dedication!
I wasn't actually at the Gila Valley Temple, but just watching the broadcast made it seem like I was. 
Well, before the session started, I decided to read through the Book of Mormon verses on temples.
One verse that really hit me was in 3 Nephi 11, when Christ appears to the people in America. 
What really hit me is they were gathered at the temple when He came to them.
While they were gathered at the temple, they heard the voice of the Lord and then Christ appeared. 
Then I started thinking about different times I have been to the temple, and I have heard the voice of the Lord, through the Holy Ghost, and have felt that closeness to Christ. 
It just reminded me that the temple, and even being on temple grounds, helps us draw closer to Christ. 
During the dedication, one of the speakers also used this scripture, and of course  a lot was spoken about the importance of the temple and attending it. 
And I felt like I need to go to the temple more. 
Obviously I can only do baptisms in the temple, but baptisms are amazing and even being on temple grounds is amazing!
So I decided I would set a goal or a challenge for myself to visit the temple everyday this week.
Whether it be doing baptisms, walking around the grounds, going through the visitor's center, etc. I just need to go.
So yesterday was the first day.
I decided I would go during my lunch break at work (since I only work 10 mins away and have an hour lunch break). 
It was interesting because I had it all planned that I would go during lunch and then some things happened at work right before my break that were a little stressful and kind of chaotic, so I was tempted just to eat lunch at work and not go.
But I went anyway and the peace at the temple was just what I needed to get through the rest of the day. I went back to work feeling calm and ready for the rest of the day. It was great!
Then today I just decided to take some pictures of the temple.
I wasn't there too terribly long, but the peace was amazing! 
The temple is an amazing place!
I don't know why I felt inspired to take on this challenge, but I did, and I am excited to finish it!
And then continue to go to the temple weekly!
It is a great place to be!

Visiting the temple....such a simple task that brings great joy!

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