Thursday, May 20, 2010

Just Some Happenings!

It's been a while since I have updated my blog.
Well....I guess it's only been 10 days, but with all that goes on, it seems like a lot longer! It's kind of funny, I tend to blog a lot when I am busy and shouldn't be, but now that I have time, I haven't really blogged a lot! 

Well, first of all...I finished my first year of college!! YAY!! I absolutely couldn't wait to be done! My classes this semester weren't too exciting and interesting....except my human development class and Elementary math class.
And to top that off I changed my major mid semester and am so excited for my new classes, so that made the last month and a half drag on even more! 
But I am finished until August and it feels Amazing!
It's still weird getting used to having free time, but it is nice to relax, especially since in August my new classes will be a little harder than my education ones. I am excited!
It is also a little weird that school is out because it was a good semester friends wise. 
I am often times very shy and don't really talk to people unless they talk to me first. 
Well, this last semester I received the tender mercy of meeting some very nice people that really helped me through the semester. It was one of the biggest blessings that helped me through school. Some days when I didn't want to go to class, I would think of the fun I would have with the people in there, and it motivated me to go! The Lord does provide tender mercies! They don't all come in the same way, but they are there, and when we recognize them we can experience a lot of joy!

Not too long after finishing school, I had the opportunity to do some service at the cannery, as a branch assignment. It was my first time going, and it was really neat to see how everything works. I never really stopped and thought "Hmmm I wonder how this food was canned," but now that I've been a part of the work, I realized a lot of work is put into it. We were only there for 4 hours and I was beyond exhausted afterwards! I can't imagine how people do that everyday! It was truly humbling also though to be a part of that, and truly makes me more canned food a lot more. We jarred salsa, and I must admit afterwards I didn't want to see salsa for the next 4 months, because of the amount we saw there! But it was a great experience to be apart of.
Also, in the past 10 days, I got to go to a Carrie Underwood concert!
She is absolutely amazing and her concert was a blast to be at!
It was in Tucson, so on Saturday, May 15th, after I got off work, my family and I drove down to Tucson!
My mom and I went to the concert, while my little brothers stayed at my grandparents house!
This is my mom and I waiting for the concert to start!!

Sons of Sylvia was the first group to open. I'm not a big fan of them, and I think they are a little scary, but here's their picture.

Craig Morgan also opened for Carrie. He is actually pretty good and puts on a good concert. Here's a picture of him in the crowd!

Carrie Underwood was, of course, the best performance of the night, especially since it was her concert! She does a lot of cool things that keeps things interesting and different from the typical concert! Here are some of my favorite pictures!

She came out on this chair singing Cowboy Casanova!

She swung on this swing that got lifted higher and higher as she sang Just a Dream.

This one was my favorite! Carrie stood on this truck and sang This Time as it hung from the ceiling and circled around the stadium!

Yay for Carrie Underwood! She is definitely amazing and gave an amazing concert!
I am so glad I was able to go and spend time with my mom! We also had a good weekend with my grandparents in Tucson! We stayed the night at their house after the concert and it was so nice to visit with them and play games with them.
This is a picture of me with them. It is old, but that's okay! 
So Sunday morning we had a nice breakfast on the back porch. The desert in Tucson is gorgeous and there is a lot of wild life that can be seen, so it was a nice setting to enjoy breakfast. Then we played one of our traditional family game called 1's and 6's. It is one of the games we are bound to play at my grandparents' house. I love it! Then I spent like an hour looking through photo albums that my step-grandma put together. They are photos of our family growing up and are my favorite to look at. It is so fun to look back on times of the past and remember some fun times. It was definitely great to spend a weekend with my family, especially my grandparents who I don't get to spend time with too often! I am definitely blessed to have a great family in which we can have fun together! 

So things are very good! I am just enjoying things the simple things day by day! What a difference that makes! The simple things and little happenings are what brings joy in the journey! I love being able to recognize them and find that joy! It makes all the difference! 

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  1. I love your pictures of the concert etc. I am glad you had so much fun! Can't wait to hear more tomorrow!