Saturday, March 20, 2010

Spring Break Madness!

WOW! What a week it has been! Who lied and said Spring break was relaxing? Seriously, this week has been crazy, not bad, just crazy! I'll spare the boring details and just give the highlights! 

Well, the first exciting highlight started on Tuesday. My best friend and I decided to venture out to the Wildlife World Zoo in the middle of nowhere, Phoenix! Seriously, it takes about an hour to drive out there and there is nothing  really out there! But, nonetheless, it was a fun experience. To be honest, the zoo itself is pretty lame.....unless of course you are interested in seeing like a million birds, not even kidding! However, they do have a few neat things. One of my favorite things is the aquariums they have! I have always been fascinated with fish and sea animals, so I loved looking at them! In the aquariums we also had thee chance to pet stingrays. I've done this a couple times before, but it was still really cool! Also.....we got to see these guys!
Penguins! I LOVE penguins. They are definitely one of my favorite animals, so it is always fun to see them....especially in Arizona. 
Another neat thing about the zoo is how close you can get to the animals. 
I felt like I could just reach out and touch the zebra! That was pretty crazy!
However, the thing I love love love about this zoo is feeding the giraffes! 

Talk about getting close the animals! This guy actually licked my friend's hand a couple times! Gross, but cool at the same time! Giraffes have always been one of my all time favorite animals and I loved being so close to them and being able to feed them! Talk about awesome! 
So although this zoo isn't filled with a variety of animals to see, it does have some exciting features that make for a fun day! It is always amazing to see the different animals there are and how unique each one is! It really hit me as I was looking at all the water creatures, as most of those are very interesting, how amazing each creation Heavenly Father made is. Everything is perfect, and unique, in its own way, which just shows as a reminder to me how perfect our Heavenly Father is and how amazing all of His creations are!
We love the zoo!!!!

The next excitement of spring break happened on Wednesday night......I finally have a running car! I got the call at work on Wednesday that my car was finished, so right after work I went and picked it up. It was an extremely long day, but it was well worth it! I left for work at 8 that morning, worked til 6:30, went straight after work to get my car.....which also happened to be in the middle of nowhere like an hour away, and didn't get home til 9 that night! Whew! I am so thankful to finally have my car back! I have been truly blessed to receive much service from so many people while I was figuring all the car situation out, and my patience was definitely tried, and I am very thankful for that! It is such a relief to have my car I just pray that I have no more problems!

Thursday was also a very busy day! It started off with a hott date with my little brother, Connor. No one else was home so I let him decide what we did for the day. We started off with a delicious lunch at Steve's Krazy Sub! Yum! Then we did a round of golf at Golfland!

It was so much fun! Then we spent the rest of the day running errands, and ended with a nice dinner at my brother and sister-in-law's house! Afterwards, I was supposed to get together with the LDS girls I graduated with, that are still around, and have a super fun girls' night. Well, one by one people who committed to coming starting backing out, so it ended up to be a night at the movies with just me and two other girls! No worries, that was still a blast and just what I needed! We ended up seeing.....

When in Rome, which is now one of my new favorite movies! I thought the whole story was absolutely adorable and so cute! Even though it was unrealistic, my heart melted! It was also full of many hilarious quotes, such as "There is not a single emotion in the world that can't be expressed by sausage."  and "You must be good looking because I keep looking at you instead of my reflection." It definitely was hilarious! It has had very charming parts and taught some good morals. One of my favorite quotes that teaches a good lesson is "Love means putting someone else's needs in front of your own. That's what it's all about!" How true that is! Not only in a romantic love relationship, but also in love for your friends and family. If you truly love someone you will do what you can to make sure their needs are met. It is about being selfless and serving! That is just something that has been on my mind a lot since I've seen that movie. All in all, it is an amazing movie and everyone should see it!

So those are just a few things that have been keeping me busy this week! However, the biggest thing that has drained me this week is the opportunity I've had this week to "play mom." My mom went out of town and so I've been in charge of making sure things are in order....and let me tell you that mixed with long days at work is a very exhausting task, but I have loved every minute of it! This week included packing a brother for a camping trip, planning dinners, doing laundry, doing dishes, planning meals, making sure the other little brother was cared for while I was at work, grocery shopping, and doing just little tasks around the house! It has been so crazy, but so much fun! I've also had the help from my brother and sister-in-law, which made it even better! I've seen them basically everyday this week and have been able to become so much closer to all my family members because of the opportunity I've had to serve and watch out for them. What a huge blessing it has been! It kind of has given me a glimpse of what to look forward to when I have a family of my own! However, hopefully I won't have to work so much or go to school when I have my own family, and I'll have my own husband to help, which will also help ease the stress. But it has been a huge blessing this week! I have the best family ever and have loved every minute of our time together!! 

Wow....this is a long blog post! But, it also has been a crazy long week to cause it! Anyways, that has been the madness of my spring break! Even though it has been crazy and I've been so tired, I wouldn't trade it for anything! It has been an amazing week! Yay for spring break!

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  1. wow! you had a ton of fun! i wish my spring break was awesome! i was sick the whole time! i wish i could have gone with you on thursday! maybe another time!