Saturday, January 2, 2010

Events from this past week!

So I really would like to be better or more consistent with my blogging. However, I just never seem to have time to blog when I want to. So I just do it when I have time. Anywho so this week has actually been pretty AMAZING! It all started off on Monday evening when I booked a hotel and bought tickets to.......DISNEYLAND!!!!!! I am beyond excited! One of my best friends, Jenny, and I have been wanting to go, so we decided it was finally time! We are going to drive up to Cali on the 12th, go to Disneyland on the 13th, and then come home on the 14th. It's a short trip, but it will be so fun to get away for a few days and of course spend time at Disneyland....I haven't been there since I was in 6th grade!! So the countdown is on! Also on Monday night for FHE we watched a slideshow of pictures from branch activities from this year. It was so fun to look at them and to remember some of the fun times from the year! 

Tuesday night was also another fun fun night! My brother and sister-in-law decided that they should have all their siblings spend the that includes me and three brothers and Sarah's two brothers and sister. I wasn't able to spend the night because I had to work early the next morning, but I dropped my brothers off and was able to hang out for a while and it was super fun! There's nothing like making smores and smoothies and having a good time with the siblings! I love  my family!!

Then Wednesday, after a long day of work, I got together with some friends from high school and went to the zoo lights at the Phoenix Zoo. I went last year for the first time and absolutely loved it. We were able to get free tickets this year so a group of us went and it was a blast! Here are some of my favorite pictures from our adventure! 

These are just some of the many many pictures we took! Fun Fun times!

Then Thursday, New Year's Eve, was another fabulous day! It all started off with meeting some friends for lunch. One of my good friends was in town, and I hadn't seen her since almost a year ago when she got married, so it was so much fun to catch up with her and the other girls! Then I ran a lot of errands that were much needed to be ran and then my hometeachers came over, which was a good time as well! Then of course  New Year's Eve is always a fun time! It started off with my brother and sister-in-law coming over and watching a movie and eating snacks. Then I headed over to Daja's house and played games with some people from my branch and rang in the New Year with them. It was quite an enjoyable time!

Then Friday was the start of 2010.....and I must say it was quite a good start! I got a bunch of stuff done that needed to be done- cleaned my room, put up vinyl letters, and got some financial stuff taken care of. It was a great way to start off the New Year. I didn't take a shower until 3 and stayed in my pj's til 6, but I got a lot done and I felt really good about that! I am definitely looking forward to this year!!!!

So it has been a wonderful week! Oh and on top of that, I finished the book, The Last Song. It is so good and I recommend it to everyone! The movie comes out in April, which I am looking forward to even more now! It is a cute story and is filled with a lot of good messages! Here is the trailer for it. I love the quote that's in the trailer. "Sometimes you have to be away from those love, but that doesn't mean you stop loving them. Sometime it even makes you love them more." Ah! I love it! SOO Excited!!!

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