Sunday, January 3, 2010

Heavenly Father Loves me!

It is kind of interesting how things work out. It seems like a lot of fast Sundays go by in our ward with not many people bearing their testimonies, but on the one fast Sunday I have a strong desire to share my testimony, the time isn't there, and people are up constantly from the beginning of the time until the end. Maybe I am just making excuses, but nonetheless I just felt like I needed to share what I have been feeling and my blog gets to be the lucky place that those feelings come out. 

This last week as I have really reflected on my past year and the events that have taken place, I  just had a deep sense of the love Heavenly Father has for me. Last year wasn't necessarily my favorite year, and wasn't exactly the easiest for me, as I mentioned before. But as I stopped to really think about the events in details I started to realize that Heavenly Father does play a huge part in my life. Even in my most difficult circumstances, He was there and provided light at the end of the tunnel. It was so wonderful for me to be able to reflect on these events and to be reminded that I am a daughter of God. He truly does love me and truly does answer my prayers. He offers a lot of guidance for me to follow and if I follow it, even when I don't understand the reasoning or even when it seems too difficult to follow, I will always be led to the right things and will find true joy in my life. What a great blessing that is to me! 

I mentioned in my last post that my home teachers came by this past week. Well, there is kind of an interesting story behind that that once again testifies to me that Heavenly Father is aware of me and loves me. To be honest, I really haven't heard much from my home teachers for a couple months. Honestly, I haven't thought too much about it either. Well, out of the blue, on Thursday,  I got a text from my home teacher asking if they could come visit me in like two hours from when he sent the text. At that time, I was out with friends and had some errands to run, so it would have been real easy to say no. But, instead I changed some things around to make it possible for them to come and for me to be able to get everything done that I needed to. Anyways, so they came over and shared a message, which was really good. However, I didn't think too much of it at the time. But as different things have happened in my life since then, the message they shared keeps popping into my head and has been exactly what I needed. It just has been a testament to me that Heavenly Father truly does watch over and love me and sometimes it is through other people that He shows that love. I am truly grateful that Heavenly Father watches over me and plays a huge role in my life. I know I wouldn't be able to make it through without His love and guidance! 

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