Sunday, January 17, 2010


This evening I attended a fireside entitled, "Believe." It was down by Jenee Wright Prince, an amazing singer, and it was completely AMAZING. I felt like the messages she shared were just for me, and so of course I couldn't help but bawl during the whole thing.
Things have been kind of difficult for me lately, and I have been struggling with some things so the message of Christ was perfect for me to hear. I know that Christ truly does love me and He wants me to be happy and have joy. I know that this joy is possible through believing in Christ. Christ offers hope for a brighter future when things are rough! If you have not heard Jenee Wright Prince's song, "Believe," you need to look it up and listen to  it's fabulous message.
"They'd find hope to hold onto, their hearts would fill with peace."
I know that this is absolutely true. Christ offers peace that nothing on this Earth can offer. A peace that is lasting. He provides hope during times when all hope seems to disappear. I am truly grateful. I believe in Christ and that is what keeps me going!

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