Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Service! There's Just Something About It!

Today in institute we had a lesson about service! It was one of those lessons that I have heard a million times , but it still hit me really hard. During the lesson I started to think about some of the service I have received lately. And I realized that I am truly blessed. Some of the simplest things people have done for me have been the sweetest acts as service, people just asking how I am doing, or a simple smile. I also started to think about some of the bigger acts of service I have received lately, like my car being worked on for many hours last week. Also, just tonight I had a lot of wooden blocks that needed to be painted for a relief society activity we are having tomorrow. To be honest, I was stressing about getting them all painted. Only one sister from my branch committed to coming and help...and we had like 60 to paint. Well, there ended up being five of us painting these blocks, and a couple other girls who offered to stop by later to help. With all the help it took less than an hour to get all of these blocks done. It was amazing! I am so blessed to have friends who are so willing to help!

I am so thankful for the wonderful lesson I had to remind me some key points about service.  What a great lesson to add to the Christmas season and spirit. I am also so very grateful for service I have received and for the opportunities I have to serve others as well. I know there are many many many opportunities I have to serve that I let pass up, but I know that serving others is a key part of Christmas! So I am going to make sure I don't let opportunities pass anymore, so I can experience the true Christmas season!!

It's the Most WONDERFUL time of the year!

*Scripture thought: Mosiah 2:17- When ye are in the service of your fellow beings, ye are only in the service of your God. What a marvelous reminder!

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