Sunday, July 20, 2014

On Love and Marriage.

Tonight, our Young Single Adult fireside was on love and marriage. 
Pretty typical, right?
Well, for once I didn't cringe when I heard this was the topic. 
I actually LOVED every second of the talks, and felt like I couldn't get enough. 
Weird, right? 

I feel like many young single adults cringe during these talks and lessons
because most of the these talks are focused on our need to be married. 
I feel like we are all aware of that, and want to be married, it just hasn't happened yet. 
Because of this it is common for us to get frustrated when we are reminded of our need to be married. 

However, tonight's fireside was focused on some key principles and ideas that we can incorporate into our lives to prepare for marriage and dating. 
They  included these key points: 

1) Love and marriage doesn't come by chance. 
2) Every pot has a lid. 
3) Remember that no one is perfect. As such, aim high, but don't aim too high to miss the target. 
4) Develop a Christ-like, higher level love for relationships to last. 
5) Just like faith, relationships take nurturing. If you do not nourish it, it will die. 
6) When the Lord withholds an answer about a relationship, He is trusting us to act. 

For once in my life, I felt uplifted and strengthened during this marriage fireside. 
I will be honest, I often get frustrated, as I think about past relationships, or when I think about the fact that I am single, and not even close to married. 
However, through the messages shared, I was able to feel that peace in knowing that, as long as I am doing all I can on my end, to be who I am meant to be, things will work out how they are supposed to.
I was reminded that there is a greater plan for me, than I have for myself.
I just need to be patient and do all I can right now.
Things will work out in the perfect timing. 

I know marriage is a crucial part of life and progression. 
However, I know that the preparation to meet the right person is equally crucial. 
I am thankful I was able hear tonight's message to remind me of the things that matter most about dating 
and preparing for dating and marriage. 

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