Thursday, June 13, 2013

Going Green...And Some More

This week I have discovered a new love. 
{Green Smoothies.}

I will be honest, for the longest time I have been very skeptical of even trying these. 
The thought of drinking something green disgusted me. 
But, as I found some recipes, I became brave and am SO glad I did. 
Who knew that smoothies are so helpful when you have to be to work at 7 am everyday. 
They are such a delicious, on the go breakfast, AND have 3 servings of fruits/veggies!
Can't beat that! 

Here are the ones I am enjoying! 

Tropical Green Smoothie:
-Coconut Milk
-Pineapple (Frozen)
-Banana (Frozen)
Blend and enjoy!

Peach Green Smoothie:
-Coconut Milk
-Banana (frozen)
-Peaches (frozen)
Blend and enjoy!

Aside from the smoothies, I discovered a new loved treat for this week. 
{Frozen Bananas rolled in peanut butter and pecans}.

I think the summer has made me on a frozen fruit kick because it is so refreshing on a hot day!
And bonus, this snack has protein! 
It's so delicious to eat right after work before my workout! 
They are so addicting and refreshing! 
Definitely Loving this healthy eating kick!

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