Thursday, November 8, 2012


It is no shock to anyone that knows me that I {LOVE} music. 
Seriously, I listen to it when I'm getting ready in the morning.
 When I am driving in the car. 
When I am cleaning. 
When I am cooking.
 When I am doing homework! 
On top of that, I usually have a song stuck in my head that I am singing. 
I just {LOVE} music. Pretty much all types. 
Recently my music listening has been taken over by this album:
Taylor Swift. Red. 

I know most people feel that Taylor Swift just writes angry break up songs about the many guys she has dated. 
Maybe she does. Who cares? 
This CD {ROCKS} and has changed my opinion of T Swift. 
Although I do have her other CD's, I did not consider myself a fan until this one. 
The songs are just different than anything she has done before and just about every song has good one-liners that just apply to life. 
It just makes me happy. Every day. 

Check it Out.
Happy listening.

What music are {YOU} loving these days?

1 comment:

  1. This CD is playing on repeat in my house too! In fact I bought the CD and the full ITUNES download for my phone...that is how much I love this CD. Like you said, this is so different from any other CD she has and I like the more pop music feel of this album.
    I seriously want to see her in concert now :)