Sunday, November 25, 2012

Living In Thanksgiving Daily

A few months ago, I came upon this wonderful website, thanks to Pinterest. 
I was really im
pressed with how this lady created scripture study journals and felt that it was something I needed to look into to enhance my scripture study. 
However, I did not really want to spend $13 on a journal that was limited in pages.
So, I used my creative juices, followed her template, and created my own that I could add pages to. 
What a great blessing this has been in my life, as I have been able to study more in depth and be able to create personal understandings of the scriptures and the Gospel. 

I share this only because I used this journal this morning in studying Gratitude. 
As I was using this tool, I was able to come up with {10 ways to "live in Thanksgiving daily."}
With Thanksgiving just past, and Christmas on the way, I felt that it would be something appropriate to share, especially for those of you, who are like me and want to keep the spirit of the holidays going, but are not quite sure how. These 10 items will serve as some of my goals for the next year. However, instead of them being my New Year's Resolutions, they will serve as my Thanksgiving resolutions! Enjoy! 

{10 Ways To Live In Thanksgiving Daily}:
1. Keep a list daily of the blessings/tender mercies you receive throughout the day.
2. Give thanks for the little things. 
3. Make an effort to avoid dwelling on what is lacking in your life. 
4. Devote time to give thanks in every prayer. 
5. Recognize that everything in life is a gift from God. 
6. Have silent prayers of thanks throughout the day. Don't wait til your morning or night prayers.
7. Be content with the things allotted to you. 
8. Express thanks to people in your life for the things they do, whether they be big or small. 
9. Set aside time once a week to give a prayer of gratitude, without asking for anything. 
10. Give thanks by giving back! Serve in any capacity you can! 

Hope you all enjoyed the spirit of Thanksgiving this year!!

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