Saturday, September 29, 2012

Kids Kids and More Kids!

I really have not been the best at being a frequent blogger lately. 
Life has been very exciting, but very busy! 
And let's be honest, blogging is not a top priority task...
maybe that is why I am updating my blog at almost midnight on a Friday night! 

Anyway, my life these days can be summed by one word these days......
Really, anytime anyone asks what I have been up to lately, I usually can get away with saying my life revolves around children right now....but I'm not complaining! 

I am LOVING my job at Guerrero. I now have pretty set groups of students that I work with everyday and I just love it. I love that I am gaining so much teaching experience within my small groups of students. 
And I am blessed with the opportunity to learn from the teachers I work with. 
Also, I have been asked to substitute for various classes for short periods of the day while the teachers go to meetings. 
I was quite surprised that they have been asking me to do that, but I love that it gives me experience with more large group teaching and supervision and I feel blessed that my boss entrusts me to do that! 
I really love teaching and working with kiddos. I will be honest, some days are tough and I feel ineffective, but there are so many tender moments that consistently remind me that I am heading in the right direction with my career choice, so it is great. 

My focus on kiddos does not end when I clock out for the day! After working with children all day, I get to go home and learn about (more specifically how to teach them). I am absolutely LOVING the knowledge I am gaining from my Master's program. A few weeks ago, I started interning a Head Start (Pre-K) program.
Although I do not want to teach preschool in the future, it is fun to spend a few hours a week with the younger kids. They are so sweet and we have a lot of fun together. My internship also allows me to have more teaching experience. I have already taught one lesson and am preparing to teach again next week. It has been a great experience to create lesson plans and to think about really what the best way to help my students learn. 

Aside from my internship, my class is going really well! Since my program consists of 8 week courses, I am almost finished with my first one and that is hard to believe. It feels like I barely started my program and I'm almost half way done with my first semester. It has been busy and a lot of work, but I am just loving it! 

Okay, so my life doesn't COMPLETELY revolve around kids, but I feel like it is pretty close. When I am not at work or studying, I am keeping busy with my church calling. And I finally signed up for another institute class and it feels oh so good to be back!! 

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