Friday, August 26, 2011

Quick Update On Life!

I have not been so good at keeping up with this blog thing! 
For me, that is kind of weird!
But, it's okay! 
Life has been the busiest it's ever been in my life, and guess what?
I LOVE it!
Between work, school, homework, and my calling I have very little free time lately. 
And when I's spent napping! 
(A girl's gotta sleep sometime!)
But life is good!
Just finished my first week of school, and trying to adjust to the new job!
Just thought I take a quick second to update and let the blogging world (if any one even reads this) know I am still alive and well! 

*Side note*: Have I mentioned that I love having roommates?
There is nothing better than going into the kitchen to make dinner and having a roommate say, "Just in time, my dinner is almost done and I made enough for you to." 
It's also fun when you think you are being sneaky by leaving a note on your roommates door...only to find one on your car when you are getting ready to leave!
I love living here and I love my roommates!

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