Sunday, August 7, 2011

Just a Teaspoon of Baking Soda

Confession time.....I am kind of obsessed with the past decades and how things were.
I mean, I am grateful for the time I live in, the conveniences we have, and the way things are. 
However, these are some of the things of the past that I wish still existed:

-Having kids playing in the front yard without watching their every move
- The cute 1950's know with the wives vacuuming in high heels and pearls, and,
-The friendliness of neighbors

Well, today I brought back a thing of the past....borrowing baking goods from your neighbors. 
It all started when my roommate and I decided to make cookies. 
However, after going through our baking cupboard we realized we didn't have baking soda...oops!
It being Sunday, we couldn't just run to the store and get some, so my roommate had this idea to borrow some from our neighbors. 
Two houses down lives this cute family that we have seen out and about, so I headed over there to borrow some baking soda. 
I felt like I was from like a 1950's movie or something when I got to the front door to ask.
It turned out to be a really fun experience. 
I had a nice chat with the parents, who were more than excited to lend me baking soda. 
The little girls were very excited I was there, and kept asking me questions about where I lived. 
Once they found out I was in the house with the "big tree" they asked if they could come play on it since they know me now....of course I said yes. 
It was just a very uplifting experience. 
I decided I want to be that kind of wife, mother, and neighbor someday. 
She informed me that she holds an "open pantry policy" with all her neighbors, and that I am more than welcome to stop by anytime I need to borrow anything. 
It made me happy to realize that a fun practice of the past had not completely died. 

After my roommate and I finished baking the cookies, we both headed back over so she could meet them too, and so we could bring some cookies!
We enjoyed chatting some more with the whole family!
It was such a great experience!

Who knew that one teaspoon of baking soda could make for such a wonderful experience?

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