Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Adventures in Living on My Own: When Your Hobby Becomes a Daunting Task!

Let's face it....I'm not very good at keeping my blog updated with happenings in my life!
I realized today that I have now lived on my own (well with roommates) for two and a half weeks now and have not shared any happenings!
But between work, summer classes, trying to stay organized, church activities, and getting adjusted to this new lifestyle, I haven't really had much time to share all the happenings of my life! 
(Not that TOO much has been going on!)
But, I decided I had a few minutes to change that!

Well, to be honest, I love living on my own. 
It's kind of weird having a lot of peace and quiet, but it is really nice!
My roommates and I just kind of all do our own things, but then have our nights when we all chat together (this happens a lot after church or church activities). 
And one of my roommates and I usually talk for about an hour every night, which is fun!
It's like having a sister I've never had!

My ward is pretty awesome too! 
It is just huge, so that was a little overwhelming since I came from a tiny branch before!
But so far I have met some awesome people, and I look forward to meeting more!
They usually have a lot of activities going on, so that is wonderful as well. 
I'm looking forward to going on an overnight trip to the Snowflake temple this weekend, and for the opportunity to do baptisms with my new ward members! 
That's always a special experience!

Well, in my past two and a half weeks of living here, I have figured out my biggest challenge of living on my own. 
It's not living with roommates, it's not paying the bills, and it's not having to share the bathroom with someone. 

When I moved out I decided two things: I was NOT going to be a starving college student and I was going to eat healthy. 
Little did I know that trying to figure out food is  kind of complicated....especially when it's only for one person. 
After I was all moved in, my brother and sister-in-law were going to help me grocery shop.
Before we left the house, they asked me to write down what I like to eat for different meals so we could compile a grocery list!
That was my first problem...I realized I never really paid attention to what I ate or what I liked to eat, but we were able to work through that.

However, since then, I have come to realize how hard it is to cook just for one person. 
I mean it is nice to make a meal and have leftovers to eat for other meals, but my first week here I ended up eating pasta for four meals due to excessive leftovers...and I realized this is going to be a trial and error task!
I think what makes it even more frustrating is the fact that I love to cook! 
I love making dinner and trying out recipes, but it's hard for one person, and it kind of discourages me from wanting to cook.

I was thinking about this tonight as I made dinner though, and was quite pleased with myself!
I made my favorite Salsa Chicken recipe, my own Spanish Rice, and re-fried beans, and I only have leftovers for ONE meal and not FOUR!
I felt quite  accomplished. 
Someday I will get the hang of it....but for now, I will just eat the same food for a week at a time!

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  1. It is so hard cooking for 1 or in my case even 2, I totally agree with you! Thankfully Justin will usually have seconds and then we both have lunches for the next day. Keep at it though. You'll get the hang of it :)