Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Oh Friends!

I came across an article in the Liahona magazine by John Bytheway.
It is called, "Where Will Your Friends Take You?"
In it, he compares friends to the story in the Bible of the man who has palsy and is lowered through the ceiling to be healed by Christ. 
He points at that his friends lower him through the ceiling because the room is packed and there is no other way to get him in, but they knew he needed to get to Christ. 
He then talks about how we need to have friends that will bring us to Christ, like the man in the scriptures. 
However, he also mentions that we need to be friends that bring others to Christ.
I am thankful for that article!
I know I have been blessed with friends that have strengthened me and brought me closer to Christ, in times I needed it the most. 
It got me to reflect a lot on the kind of friend I am.
I know I need to make changes, to do better! 
I am thankful for those in my life who have strengthened me when I was in need!
Those are truly great friends to have!

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