Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The Impact of One

I have never really thought about the impact every single person has in my life. 
Of course, I know that my friends and family have a big impact on my life,
but I have never really thought beyond that until today. 

I just found out one of my professors is in the ICU, and is really sick.
It has caused me to think a lot today about the people in my life.
I am one hundred percent guilty of taking people for granted. 
School professors being some of those people. 
I guess I forget that life happens and people I see on a constant basis won't always be there. 

Today caused me to pause and think about how grateful I am for the people in my life. 
And how different my life would be without them. 
Right now, my class is a little bit weird because we have a substitute professor, and of course not every professor does things the same way. 
So, it's like starting a brand new class part way through the semester. 
It's also weird because we have to play it by ear. 
They don't really know how long it will take my professor to recover, 
so they are just taking things as they come. 

It is just interesting to think about all the changes that are taking place because one person is missing!
It just goes to show that EVERY person is extremely important. 
We all have a role in life, and when we are gone, or unable to fulfill that role, it kind of creates a void. 
As I am experiencing firsthand. 

Today I realized, I really do need to work on being so grateful for all the people in my life.
Even if I don't think they have a big impact on my life, they all do in their own way!

I hope you get better soon Dr. Griffin! 

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