Friday, February 18, 2011

Happiness is....

Coming across dandelions and stopping to blow their seeds off at 10 o'clock at night!
I forgot how fun that is!
Oh how I love the simple things that bring such great joy!

Here is a sweet poem about dandelions I came across! LOVE it!

A Dandelion's Song
By: Jennifer K. Keame

Walking along the path, I spot
puffy white orb-
A Dandelion
a weed
Infinitely more beautiful than its
grassy fellows
endless, identical
To Me
I feel akin to this fluffy oddball
I am drawn
I grasp the delicate stem,
Bringing it near to my lips
Make a Wish
a prayer.
I wish for peace,
in the world
in my heart
I wish for love,
true love
I wish for direction,
I blow with all my breath
wish with all my being-
miniature white parachutes.
In my mind-
I Too
in a million different directions,
I Am
the hopes
the dreams
the prayers
the wishes
of a world
a generation;
my peers
my family
I Am Blown.
Carried by a passing breeze
soft, gentle then-
Grabbed by a far more violent gust
I fall
Change directions.
I have traveled far-
have far yet to travel
not sure how far
I Am Not Lost-
just searching
for a purpose
a reason
an answer
a place to land
to stay-
To Take Root.

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