Sunday, January 9, 2011

One Day At A Time!

This evening I had the opportunity to view the CES Broadcast and hear Elder D. Todd Christofferson speak!
It was one of those meetings where as he was speaking, I knew it was just for me and just what I needed to hear. 
The main focus of his message was taking things day by day, and relying on the Lord everyday to help you accomplish the things you need to each day!
This is definitely something I need to do better at. 
A lot of times with school and different projects, I start stressing about things that aren't due til way later in the semester. 
Silly, I know. 
I tend to do that with many other things as well, and it is just not healthy!
However, it is amazing what can be accomplished when things are taken one day at a time.
I sometimes get in the bad habit of stressing so much about long term things, that I forget about the short term things. 
It is ridiculous!
Luckily, change is possible!
I know that through relying on Christ, I can accomplish the things I need to each day, and that by focusing on things one day at a time, things down the road fall into place as well. 
I have seen countless experiences of that in my life already!
I am so thankful for that!
I am thankful for Elder Christofferson and his wonderful message! 
I definitely needed that reminder today!

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