Sunday, December 5, 2010

The Start of a New Week! YAY!

I have heard many times that bad things come in three. 
I never really believed that was true....until this last week, when I have experienced it in my own life.

It started off on Tuesday with my work getting robbed.
Luckily, Tuesdays are my school days so I wasn't at work.
However, after going into work on Wednesday and seeing the pictures and talking about it, I was creeped out as if I had been there. 
Also, luckily no one was physically injured.
Work was just a little on the solemn side for the rest of the week.

Let's fast forward to Friday.
I was in my first car accident....and this was the result.
Luckily, no one was injured...beside my poor car.
It was one hundred percent my fault because I looked away for a split second,
but the guy who I hit was very helpful and made sure many times that I was okay before he left. 
Now I am playing the waiting game to find out what they are going to do about my car.
It was quite a traumatic experience and something I never wanted to experience again.

Well, that brings us to number three.
I was in another car accident on Saturday evening. 
Yep, my first two in two days.
My friend was driving and we were on our way to a party when we got rear ended.
Once again, no one got seriously injured.
I was already sore from the accident before and so now I am even more sore, but over time I will be fine again.

Those were not exactly the events I was expecting when I started my week last Sunday.
However, I am glad they all happened at once so I can get them over with.
Things can only go up this week, and they will!
Sundays are my favorite day....I say that just about every Sunday, but it's true.
I especially love fast Sundays, like today!
I had an amazing time at church and the Spirit I felt is what I needed to start off my week! 
I love that I have Sundays to lift me up when I need it the most!

Welcome to the start of a GREAT week, readers! 
Things can only go UP from here! 

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