Thursday, December 2, 2010


Is this not the most adorable little girl you have ever seen? 
Well, all little kids are adorable, but this little girl is even more adorable!
Why? You may ask!
I would have you take note of her hair! 
Yes, her cute red hair with little curls in it!
Someday, I want a little daughter with red curly hair, as shown in the picture!
I think it is safe to say this has become another obsession of mine! 
And actually a joke with my friends. 
Not even kidding.
A couple days ago I got a text from my friend that said, "I went to the temple this morning and in my session was the cutest guy with red hair. I wanted you to marry him." 
I am glad my friends support my desire to have a little girl with red hair, and are on the look out for me!
Especially since this is not a dream I have much control over coming true.
 I will love all of my future children regardless of what kind of hair they have,
but a girl with red curly hair is definitely the most adorable thing ever!
And I wouldn't be sad to have one! 

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