Monday, November 29, 2010

Tender Mercies

"The tender mercies of the Lord are real and...they do not occur randomly or merely by coincidence. Often the Lord's timing of His tender mercies helps us both to discern and acknowledge them.....
The Lord's tender mercies are the very personal and individualized blessings, strength, protection, assurances, guidance, loving-kindness, consolation, support, and spiritual gifts which we receive from and because of and through the Lord Jesus Christ."
~David A. Bednar

How true this quote is! 
My life has been full of tender mercies, and it is truly a special experience when I recognize them!
I know they occur when I need them most and give me the strength to keep going! 
I can't think of a greater boost and blessing in my life! 

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  1. So True! Thanks for the reminder! You are amazing!