Sunday, November 28, 2010

The Reason For The Season!

At work the other day, I had an interesting experience that made me really think about the true meaning of the Christmas season! 
We were extremely slow, so a group of my co-workers and I were talking about our Thanksgivings and different things about Christmas. 
One of my co-workers made the comment that he hates Christmas, so we were talking about that for a bit. 
Well, then my manager made a comment that kind of made everyone silent.
She said, "You know, by celebrating Christmas you are celebrating a Pagan holiday, right?" 
She proceeded to tell us that Christ wasn't born in December, which is true, so Christmas actually isn't about Him.
As she said that, I got an overwhelming feeling that she was wrong, but I just couldn't say anything because I didn't feel like I should!
All of us who were listening knew it would just cause a heated discussion that we didn't need at work.
So the conversation kind of died down after that, and when my manager left, the three of us listening, 2 of which are LDS, had a conversation about how sad that is that our manager believes that and made that comment to us.
Well, in Relief Society today, we had a lesson all about Christ. 
We are starting a "14 Day Walk With Christ" this week to lead into the Christmas season.
During the lesson, I reflected back on that experience I had at work and became overwhelmed as I reflected on Christ truly being the reason for this Christmas season! 
I love the joy that comes from making Christ the center of the season and remembering Him during all the festivities! 
Of course, we should do that year, but especially during this time of year!
I believe in Christ and am so thankful for His wonderful example to me!
He is the reason for the season!
Do you believe?

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