Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Simple Answers

Today I had one of the most tender experiences during institute that really hit me!
I absolutely LOVE my institute class! 
My teacher, Brother Calton, is incredible! 
If anyone teaches by the Spirit, it is that man!
The class is ran by people's comments.
Brother Calton starts off the class by going off what the devotional was on.
He then asks for our responses on different things, which direct the lesson!
It is the most amazing class I have ever been in! 
The people in the class are amazing too, so they contribute amazing comments!
It is just an amazing atmosphere! 

Well, all of that is actually beside the point in this story!
I just got on a little tangent.
So anyway, these past few days I have had a lot of things on my mind. 
I have kind of been confused about some things in my life, and have been praying to find an answer!
Well, I went to a fireside on Sunday night, by my favorite seminary teacher, Brother Farlee, and a lot of that was very helpful to me and what I needed to hear!
However, last night I was bogged down with confusion still, but found peace in my scripture study. 
Well, during institute a piece of my scripture shrapnel (I have quite a bit) fell out onto my lap. 
On it, was something I had written down exactly a year ago from tomorrow...
and it was just the answer I needed. 
It was a very tender moment of my day!
I don't even writing that though down on my paper...or even having that paper in my scriptures!
It was just special how it all worked out! 
I know Heavenly Father is aware of me!
He answers my prayers, sometimes in the most interesting ways!
I guess sometimes I just need to have the answer spelled out in front of me, like today! 
But I am grateful that I can receive answers!
It definitely makes this life much easier!
I am thankful for the power of prayer and scripture study...and scripture shrapnel!
Heavenly Father didn't leave us here to make it through life alone!
I'm thankful for those sweet reminders!
The Gospel is amazing!
I would truly be a lost soul without it!

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