Monday, September 20, 2010

Just Another American Saturday Night!!!

As I mentioned in my last post....Saturday night I went to the Brad Paisley concert and had a BLAST!!! My mom bought the tickets like a month or so ago because they were on sale, so I kind of forget we were going until like the week before! So my mom, her friend, my friend, Allison Cluff, and I went!

Allie came over before the concert and we made some shirts to wear! What's a concert without fun homemade t-shirts?! 

Then when we got to Cricket Pavillion, it was PACKED!! It was called the "H20 Tour," in honor of Brad Paisley's "Water" song. So they had performers starting at 4 'o clock. We weren't too interested in any of the ones that were there we went about 7 to be there for Darius Rucker and of course Brad Paisley! We still had to wait a while before either one of them performed, but we made the wait fun!
We decided to take a pictures by the Kiss sign....and go to their concert this Friday...not really of course! But it was definitely a good photo op when we first got there!

Then when we got to our seats on the lawn...we were pretty much surrounded by crazies! Like this guy for example:
Him and his group of friends were crazy! He was going through one of the girls' bags and pulled out a taser! Allie and I were making jokes and laughing so hard about that. I don't know if he heard us, but he made eye contact with us as we were laughing, and laughed with us. So, we dubbed him as our new friend and of course had to take his picture! 

There were also WAY crazy ladies standing behind us! They definitely had WAY to much to drink! In fact, one of them dropped her beer cup, which happened to splash all over my hair, and down my back! SICK to say the least! And it happened not too long after we got there, so I had the pleasure of smelling like beer the whole night. I think the ladies were too drunk to even realize what had happened. They were way out of it. One of them was hysterical to watch though. She would sing (well try to as much as she could with slurred words) and dance all around her boyfriend. The funny part was her boyfriend didn't really pay attention to her at all. He pretty much looked straight forward the whole time with a straight face. She was too drunk to even notice and just kept going. We had a very good laugh about that one!!

Because of the beer incident, we were able to have another great photo op. We went to the bathroom to wash up, and this poster was hanging on the wall outside the bathroom. We even found a nice guy to take our picture! Someone who wasn't a crazy!!

Well, after we returned from washing up, we still had time to kill before Darius Rucker started. So we enjoyed more people watching....mostly the crazy girls who were with the Taser boy. They were dancing very crazy and taking crazy pictures. So we decided to copy them with this picture:
One of the girls said, "We need to take an awkward picture. We need to like touch each other and look awkward."
This is our imitation of that picture. They really did look like this! It was great!!!

Well, then it was finally time for some Darius Rucker! He is amazing! He even did some Hootie and the Blowfish songs, which brought back some memories for me! Here are the best shots I could get of Darius:
He was really good and a lot of fun to watch! I like him a lot! When he finished we still had some time before Brad Paisley! So we had some more fun taking pictures...and watching all the crazies! Here are our shots:
Pretty much we were just excited for Brad Paisley! I just love him a lot!!! He gave an AMAZING concert! But, of course, I wouldn't expect anything less from him! I love all of his songs! They are just so fun, and I love that a lot of them relate to life so well! Pretty much he just melts my heart!! Here is Mr. Paisley himself:
This was my favorite! He sat on a little platform in front of the people in the lawn seats and sang, "Letter To Me," my favorite song!!
This was a neat surprise also. He started singing "Whiskey Lullaby," which is a duet with Allison Krauss, and we weren't quite sure what he was going to do about her part because she wasn't there. Then all of a sudden, when it was her part, a spotlight came on and she was there! It was awesome!!

Pretty much it was a very fun concert! Once I got past all of the drunk people, and the smell of beer! I am glad I was able to see Brad Paisley! He is amazing!! It was a good way to spend "Just Another American Saturday Night!"

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