Sunday, August 8, 2010

What Heaven Sees in You!

This morning, as I was getting ready for church, I was listening to church music, like I usually do. Well, for some reason the song, "What Heaven Sees in You," popped into my head and I decided to listen to it!
Well, I came across this video and decided to watch it. And of course I couldn't get through watching it all without shedding some tears.
I have heard this song many times and I get teary eyed every time, but I think just really listening to the words and having the precious pictures to go with it just really got me! Maybe where I am at in my life had an impact on that too, but whatever it was, this song and video really got me this morning.
It also really got me to think about how much our Heavenly Father truly does love us and what He thinks of me, as His daughter.
The phrase, "If you could only see, what heaven sees in you," is repeated many times throughout the song and is one that I love. 
I think as humans, we often just focus on our faults and weaknesses, and the here and now. It's impossible for us to see us in the exact way that Heavenly Father sees us, because of that fact. We often overlook the potential we have as children of our Heavenly Father. We have the potential to be just like Him, which just fathoms my mind! 
How much more amazing would life be if we remembered that potential all the time? I know that can be hard, especially when we mess up or make a mistake, but that is why we have the wonderful Atonement! 
What would be even more amazing is it we not only tried to view ourselves through Heavenly Father's eyes, but everyone else as well. I can only imagine what difference that would make! 
I know that I have a long way to go to get there, if I can ever get there in this life. But, I am thankful that Heavenly Father loves me and that I have the potential to be like Him someday! I am so grateful that I have the knowledge of my potential as a daughter of God and that I can work daily to reach that! 
I know that as we all strive to remember the potential we have, we will be so much happier and more positive! 
I am grateful for the experience I had this morning to help me remember that! 

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