Monday, March 1, 2010

Day One of Positivity!

So as you may have read in the last post,
I am striving to have a more positive attitude.
Starting this week and then hopefully
realizing what it takes to be more positive and then becoming a positive person.
[It's another new year's resolution!]
Well, today was day one and I decided to do a quick update.
It is kind of amazing to me that despite how crazy things can be positivity is possible!
There are so many times today I was ready to break down and give up,
but as I did my best to realize that the little things aren't a big deal, 
and that whatever may have gone wrong,
through Christ there is hope for a brighter future,
and that's where the positivity and optimism comes from.
Another lesson I realized throughout the day is that selfishness creates pessimism.
At the times where I was most focused on myself is when I had the worst attitude,
but the moments when I let the concerns of others be in place before me is when I found the most joy and happiness through out the day!
By no means was I one hundred percent optimistic and positive throughout the day, 
or am I anywhere close to being so.
I just am grateful for the lessons I learned today and hope to learn many more as I continue on this positive journey!

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