Thursday, February 25, 2010

Have you ever had those weeks where you felt like every lesson you heard was just for you?
Well, it seems like that has been happening to me a lot these past couple weeks.
However, this week has been different. 
This week at church we had a lesson that was AMAZING, but at the time I heard it I didn't feel like I needed anything directly from it.
Then, on Monday night I had the opportunity to teach the lesson at Family Home Evening.
I also learned a lot from preparing this lesson, but again didn't feel like there was anything in it that I specifically needed to hear. 
Well, it's been interesting because both of these lessons have been huge blessings for me. This week I have had some experiences in which I was able to think back to both lessons and use things from them to help me.
It is truly a blessing that I had both of these lessons and the help they have provided me.

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