Friday, December 18, 2009


Change is in the air! 
So recently, I have felt the need for some change in my life. Things were getting kind of repetitive and boring, which is never good for me! I love change for the most part and think it helps keep things interesting and exciting. It also allows for many learning and growing experiences. So I have been embracing the changes in my life, and even adding to them! 

The first big one that took place this week was my hair cut.....or should I say chop?! That is right....I chopped about six inches off my hair. It is so short now, but I absolutely love it and love readapting to the change of short hair! I had a similar a-line cut last year, but i grew my hair out for a year before deciding to do it again, and this time I cut it a lot shorter so it is a huge difference! Here are some pictures to show! 

Here is my A-line cut from last year. It was short, but I absolutely loved it!

Then...I decided to grow out my hair. It grew quite a bit in a year and two months! 

Then I decided I was ready for a change and decided to chop it all off. It is kind of hard to see in this picture, but it is extremely short! The back is even shorter and I love it! I was so  ready for something new and it is so fun to look in the mirror and see a new look! Ah I love it! 

So there's my big change for the week! It was so fun going to my work party and seeing all the different reactions. It is also funny to have the new nickname of "stranger danger" at work! That started last night when I showed up to the party last night and probably will stick around for a while. After all, I had the nickname of "bumpit" (which I DO NOT wear and NEVER will wear) for about 5 months or so! 

But.....that's not all! My short hair has also inspired me to be more crafty! I have always been a nut when it comes to hair flowers and headbands! I love cute hair accessories! However, I was getting bored with the flowers that I have and that they sell everywhere. Not only that, they are kind of pricey. Anyways, I've been seeing a lot of people wear fabric flowers, but haven't known where to find them. Well, I know they sell them at boutiques, which means they are once again pricey. So I did some surfing on the web and came across this link....which shows how to make these fabric flowers. Voila! My dilemma was solved. The only problem is I am not very crafty or creative and my sewing skills are horrible, but I decided to give it a whirl! And I am actually pleased with the two I made....and now I am looking forward to making many many many more! Here are the two I made so far...........

I like the green one a lot more, but I am still surprised that they turned out even semi-decent. I have bought a lot more fabric and buttons these past two days to make more! What can I say? I just love some fun accessories! 


  1. I love the haircut! I love the fabric flowers, aren't the easy to make? You can google anything~ Next, google Fabric Ranunculas! There are some that are so cute and you'd look fabulous in them!

  2. You are so stinking cute! And I love your hair!!!! :]]