Sunday, November 29, 2009


Sunday has always been my favorite day of the week. I absolutely love having a day off from work and school. I also love going to church and various church activities. Although sometimes Sundays seem crazy with the meetings, I love the strength it gives me weekly. Every Sunday there is always at least one lesson or talk that I needed to hear and feels like it is just for me. It helps remind me that Heavenly Father plays an active role in my life by watching over me and answering my prayers. Also, I love the people in my branch. They are so fun to see and talk to every Sunday. Sundays are just amazing!

Today was a little different and stressful though. I was getting everything all situated and ready to go visiting teaching. Well, when I went out to car wouldn't start! Ugh! It definitely was not the best way to start off my Sunday....or week. I think it is just a dead battery, which is an easy fix, but still. It is hard when I have things to get done, but can't without my car.Needless to say, I cancelled my visiting teaching appointment and my awesome Relief Society president picked me up for church. I was also really touched because the girl I was supposed to visit asked me if she needed to pick me up for church, which I thought was a thoughtful gesture. 

Anyways, I made it to church and had a wonderful time there. The lessons and talks were amazing, as usual, and I learned or was reminded of some things I needed in my life. But of course, I was still frazzled from my stressful morning. Then after church, a sweet sister from my branch asked me how I was doing, and after chatting with her for a while, I ended up in tears because of her sweet and caring words. She reminded me that this was just something little and that it could be much worse. She too offered to help me in many ways. That experience just reminded that the Lord works through other people to touch our lives. This chat with this sweet sister was just what I needed. Once again, I truly love Sundays and the experiences that happen on Sundays. 

As far as my car is concerned....I am getting the battery changed tomorrow and then it should be all good....hopefully!

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