Thursday, November 19, 2009

Little Moments!

So I was thinking about how I should start off my official blog posts, as there is a lot going on in my life right now with work, school, and my new church calling, and many things I could write about. But I had an experience last night that made me think about a lot of different things and I decided that would be the perfect place to start.

Before I begin with my story from last night I think a little background info is needed to make it a little more understandable. Through out high school I was never the girl that people weredying to hang out with. I mean I would go through spurts of going out with friends a lot and then have many weekends of just hanging out at home. Not going to lie as a high school student this was hard for me. Well six months out of high school and the situation still stands the same (don't worry this post will get better, just bear with me!). I've been going through spurts of going out a lot and staying home a lot. Presently I am in the staying home a lot stage; however, as I have learned a lot of things in the past six months since graduation, I have realized that staying home is sometimes the best thing! That's where last night's story comes into play.......

This is me and my wonderful mother! Last night, after my little brothers had gone to bed, my mom came into my room to look at some things (I just cleaned it for the first time in forever and it looks AMAZING!) Anyways, when she was in there one of us did something silly (I can't even remember what it was now, but it's not important so it's okay!) and both of us just starting laughing and laughing. We just stood there laughing for at least ten minutes about something so little! It was definitely a fun time!

As I was getting ready this morning I was thinking about this little moment from last night. And then I started to think about all the simple things, like this one, from my life that have brought brought joy to my life. I realized that these little moments are what I should be looking for. Life isn't always about having the most exciting weekend or going on a crazy adventures. It's about enjoying the little moments that bring joy, with the people you love the most! (Listen to Brad Paisley's Song "Little Moments" if you haven't heard it!)

I also started to think about some of my memories from the past years. Of course, I remember and treasure the big fun things from my life, like prom, graduation, fun dates, and fun trips. But I started to think about the many simple things that have brought just as much joy in my life, like doing random things with my brothers, spending the night at my best friend's house, or just playing games with the family! Those are some of the best times I could have!

I watched the movie UP last week and there is a quote from it that fits perfectly with this whole thought and I have had been running in my head since then. In the movie, the little boy, Russell, is describing some of his memories from his life. He says, "That might sound boring, but I think the boring stuff is what I remember most!" That's exactly how I have been feeling lately. My life doesn't consist of the "exciting" events that many people hope to have in their lives, but it does consist of the everyday simple things that bring me great joy!

*Scripture thought: I really love the scriptures and love to share them. I am going to try to include a thought on a lot of my posts. Today is from 2 Nephi 2:25. "Adam fell that men might be, and men are that they might have joy." I know that part of our purpose in life is to find joy and be happy. I also believe that everyone can be happy despite the situations or circumstances he/she may be in. Even when we got through hard times and feel like we won't make it through, it is important to remember there is light at the end of the tunnel! We can have joy and be happy if we desire to do so! What a wonderful truth that is to know and remember!


  1. You are so Awesome Stephanie! I remember when we first became close friends, it was at Girls Camp. You would blow off your ward to come sit by us during meal times. :) I remember thinking, and telling Kara "She's so stinkin cute. We're gunna be good friends!" I'm so glad that we've remained close friends! You truly are a great friend and you have such a sweet spirit about you! I love you!
    ~allie cluff
    P.S. I'm kind of a blog stocker so just fyi ;)
    Oh, and your music selection is DELIGHTFUL!

  2. Stephanie, I miss you!! I love these thoughts and definitely will be looking for the smaller things to make me happy! I love you! We'll have to hang out when I come down for Christmas! :) Love ya!!!