Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Ten on Tuesday!

{Ten Random Thoughts on a Tuesday}

1) Student teaching has been one of the hardest but rewarding things I've ever done. This is my last week and I'm really going to miss those kiddos! I have grown to love them more than I ever thought i could! 

2) SIX MORE MONTHS of Grad School! I just registered for my last semester and CANNOT WAIT!!! It is kicking my butt and I am ready to be done with school for good....and have a masters degree! 

3) Lessons learned in working at weddings: Chilean Sea Bass is delicious, drunk people are crazy, it it pretty obvious when a guy is going to hit on you (YES! I learned a dating lesson!! See this post for reference), I cry at tender moments (well get teary eyed), this is the best job ever!! 

4) No matter how many times they say it, it never gets old to hear a 5 year old tell you you are beautiful! 

5) Answer to prayers come in funny ways at times! But they still show that Heavenly Father loves me! 

6) I am officially a certified substitute teacher in Arizona!!!!! 

7)  Vegetarian pizza (Mediterranean style) never gets old! 

8) T minus 3 days til my half birthday! Yes, I even get excited about half birthdays. What can I say birthdays are my favorite!!!!

9)  45 days til I run my 1st 5k.....no, I'm not even close to being ready! 

10) This week I've been able to look back on my life and just smile! Yep, things definitely do happen for a reason. I am thankful for that! 

There ya have it. The 10 Thoughts that are going through my head on this Tuesday! 

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