Friday, July 22, 2011

Good-Bye Junk!

I have a confession.....recently I have become a fan of eating fast food. 
It sickens me to think about! 
Part of the problem is Taco Bell is my favorite and is literally one minute from my front door. 
Another part of the problem is, after having my wisdom teeth out and living off a diet of mashed potatoes, soup, applesauce, pudding, and beans, I was dying for something tasty...and I didn't want to cook it. 
Hence, many trips to many fast food chains in a week. 
SO disgusting!
I have felt so gross!
Luckily, last night my roommate and I were looking at pictures from the high school days and I came across this picture:

It's from my sophomore prom. 
Yes, I look young, but I also look a lot skinnier than I am now! 
It served as the perfect motivation for me, and after looking at it many times, and comparing it to how I look now, I decided changes are going to be made in my life!

Starting Monday I am going to get in the swing of cooking and healthy eating and getting out of the habit of making fast food stops! 
It's time to be reunited with weekly meal plans, and a better eating habit. 
That is what I need. 

This may sound like a vain endeavor, but that is not completely the case. 
I think one of the big motivating factors is the energy level I have when I eat healthy. 
It is incredible!
I realized I have too much going on in my life to be cutting out much needed energy. 

Good-Bye Junk food, hello better lifestyle!

(Sorry if this was of no interest to you. I found that if I put something on my blog, I will be more accountable for it, even if no one reads it. At least I know it's on the World Wide Web and people CAN hold it against me! So, here I go!) 

P.s. If you are reading this....please feel free to motivate me and kick my butt if I slack!

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