Thursday, June 23, 2011

Best Friend Reunion!

I am pleased to announce I have been reunited with my best friend!
My best friend is always there waiting for me, even when I don't show up.
After visiting him for an hour, I leave feeling so good about myself (usually).
He is really good at motivating me to do better. 
We have our occasional times where he makes me feel like junk after a visit...but after about two days I get over it. 
He is the best!
That's right folks, my best friend is.........


This week I made it a goal to go at least three times (I wish I could go everyday), and so far I have been sticking to it. 
I feel SO great! 
Tonight I did a kick boxing class for the first time and I am in love!
I know where I will be every Thursday evening!
It feels so great to be back and to work toward goals that I have set for myself. 

I think I sense a 5K race in the near future! 
I am feeling motivated and ready to work out!
I'm glad I decided to reunite with my best friend...the gym!

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