Thursday, November 18, 2010

The Adventures of Sister Mom!

A few times earlier this year, my mom went out of town to visit her "friend," who is now her husband (That is a whole other story)!
During the times she went out of town, I got roped into being in charge of my little brothers, since I live with them still. 
After the first time of doing it, which lasted about a week and a half, I deemed this title as "Sister Mom."
It is after the Lonestar song, "Mr. Mom," because I realized quickly how much work it was to constantly to be cleaning and making sure things were taking care of. 
But, I actually loved it! 
I had a blast cleaning, grocery shopping, and cooking (I made a homeade meal and was quite proud).
Well, Sister Mom has returned again for the rest of the week, and I am actually quite excited!
Today was the first official day of "sister mom" and I am already worn out, but I am not complaining!
My little brother had to be to basketball practice at 6 AM, which mean I had to get up to take him. 
I wasn't too excited about that because that's when I normally wake up.
However, last night I decided I would wake up at 5 AM to make sure he had a good breakfast to start his day!
I was quite proud of myself for making my little brothers breakfast this morning because I was innovative and used parts of dinner last night so I didn't waste food! 
I was also glad to have to wake up at 5 AM because after dropping Colton off, I was able to have an effective scripture study and it was a great start to the day! 
I am looking forward to the adventures of this week, including making a Sunday Dinner for everyone, that is my favorite part!
I love the opportunity to be sister mom!
It makes me so much more excited to have a house of my own someday that comes complete with children and a husband, of course!
I don't know when that day will be, but until then, I am thankful for opportunities to prepare for it! 

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